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Twelve Variations on a Nursery Theme
First let me say this performance is by my computer so, apart from unsubtle dynamic changes, it is lacking the human feel that any live pianist would give to the music! I'm not a pianist (hence the computer performance) but I felt I should be able to write for the piano. This piece was my first exercise in writing for solo piano. I decided that writing variations on a well known theme would give me various 'hooks' that would keep me on track structurally and harmonically and so I would be free to concentrate on writing for the piano. I don't know why I decided to place my simple two part harmony of the theme at the end. When I finally heard the variations played through I was struck with the idea of a young father trying to put his very active toddler down for a nap whilst the child thinks the whole thing is a huge game; he runs and the father chases him; he hides and runs again when the father gets close; the father starts by playing along because he thinks it's the best way to catch his child but at times he gets frustrated, sometimes a little angry and tries to be strict. I had thought of giving each variation a little title of its own but decided against this as everyone will hear the variations in his own way and might not hear what I do and also it seemed a bit twee! I'm glad I did place the simple theme at the end because it gives me an image that the father has finally caught the child and they both, exhausted after their 'game', fall asleep together.

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