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for Enso
For String Quartet. Written in 2005 for the Enso String Quartet, which plays in this recording.

Nocturna No. 2 for Piano
The second of the three nocturnes. The most energetic, dark and sometimes violent. Recorded in Houston at a performance by Kate Christensen.

Nocturna No. 3 for Piano
The most simple of my three nocturnes. It evokes an impressionist atmosphere with its static nature. Here Brian Conelly gives it an unusual and wonderful interpretation.

...a la luz marina
For String Quartet and Piano. Also written for the Enso String Quartet in 2006. Recorded by students of the Shepherd School of Music in Houston.

Canto for Sextet
Written for Speculum Musicae in 2004. Recorded by them in Houston at a recording session in February 0f 2004. You can even hear them warming up!

Nocturna No. 1 for Piano
I started writing this piece during my time in Buenos Aires, in the winter (summer in the north) of '05. Here Kate Christensen records it on a nice Steinway.

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