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Likened to an abstract painting... This colourful musical piece is a dream-like journey through the imagination. It can be interpreted any way you like. Some soprano voice, some cello, with a haunting background, trickling piano treble and an almost hispanic guitar. Very mysterious.. 3 mins 5 secs. Hear the full track on youtube:

MISTIRACOSA II - lamentoso (excerpt)
Adagio piece for piano, string ensemble, classical guitar. The piece changes in the middle section, becoming more poignant, before returning to its familiar counterpart. 6 mins 20 secs. Hear the full track on youtube:

MISTIRACOSA I - rocoso (excerpt)
Slightly rock style version. Ballad piano and seductive soprano saxaphone introduce the piece, inviting the lead guitar in, changing the mood, bringing the second half, with more heavier piano playing and dominance of the electric guitar, delivering themselves to their climax, and allowing the return of the saxophone to conclude the piece. 5 mins 45 secs. Hear the full track on youtube:

ELEGANTE (excerpt)
Contemporary classical piece for piano, violins, pizz strings, harp, french horn. A very graceful piece with a triumphant change in the middle, proclaiming its victory before ascending back to its alacritous state. A serenade for the soul. 3 mins 50 secs. Hear the full track on youtube:

LADY INSIDE (excerpt)
Nice ballad style. Very poignant melody, performed on the piano, instantly captivates the listener. Introduction of slow backing strings, then a refreshing change with nylon guitar and tenor saxophone, before returning to the familiar. The melody will be instilled into your memory. 3 mins 5 secs. Hear the full track on youtube:

ANNAMIEKE (excerpt)
Derived from a poem of the same title, this is a powerfully expressive piece. Rich piano, haunting gothic choir voice, moves you though the landscapes of this exploitive journey. What an entry the violin makes in the middle. Let yourself swim in the soul of this piece.. 5 mins 10 secs. Hear the full track on youtube:

Playful, restful, inspirational. A piece for nylon guitar, oboe, elecric piano, interesting percussion and 'hah'-choir. Very dreamy middle section with augmented chords, cleverly returning back to the catch-melody. 2 mins 45 secs. Hear the full track on youtube:

Slightly faster paced, pop/folk feel, with impregnable rock/pop piano playing, folk-like 12-string guitar, melodic hawaiian guitar sections. The title means a fall (autumn) which stays green. 3 mins 25 secs. Hear the full track on youtube:

Instantly captivating electric guitar riff to open the piece, relaxing into a drifting movement which gives the impression of sailing along. Accoustic guitar plays downward spiraling scales. Trickles of piano, breaths of voice, good solid melodic electric guitar rock chords, sweet soprano saxophone joins in. A good, well structured melodic piece with a forward moving momentum. 4 mins. Hear the full track on youtube:

DECORUM - movement VI
Short piece for harpsichord and voice, performed by Egini. This is the sixth movement out of a series of eight "DECORUM" movements as featured on his "DECORUM IN THE ETHER" album from 2015. Watch the video on youtube:

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