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AttEtude (excerpt) 2006
"AttEtude" began life some time in the early 1990s as a fun little eight-bar repeated bass (LH) pattern. Shortly thereafter, I created a RH pattern. Not being a performer, I could never marry the two except in my head. In 1997, via software, I finally put the two together, expanded the piece with variations, & added a Stride section. But it wasn't until 2006 that I rediscovered the piece, revised it, fleshed it out (internally, as opposed to length), changed tempos & dynamics, & added some fingering suggestions. Now I think it's finally really cool, & exactly what I always intended it to be.

The Potential Remains (excerpt) 2006
3-18 June 2006. MIDI-Contest: MidiEngine: Audigy. Sequencer: Sibelius. MidiFont: Kontakt Player Silver (Native Insts.). In my mind, this describes the investigators at an airplane crash site piecing together the stories of the lives lost.

The Big Puddle (excerpt) 2006
23 June thru 2 July 2006. This is a hybrid. Scored for 1 piccolo, 1 flute, 1 clarinet in G, 2 English horns, wind chimes, 1 classical guitar, 1 hurdy-gurdy, and 1 overdriven electric guitar. Some images that carried me through the composition: floating in a gently rocking boat out at sea lying on my back looking up at the aurora borealis. Some influences: in this piece I seem to be channeling some aspect of 1970's Progressive Rock in my use of instruments; whether or not anyone else hears them, there were those influences in my mind as I wrote this. Performed by Sibelius 4.

St. Finbarr's Sonata (excerpt) 2006
5 June thru 14 July 2006. I started this piece during a visit to Cork, Ireland, in 1979, but though I revised it many times over the years it languished incomplete in my files. This year (2006), in March, I acquired Finale (and shortly thereafter Sibelius) and finally decided to revamp the whole piece and finish it.

Toccata Passe-Partout (excerpt) 2006
12 April thru 06 June 2006 (off and on). This toccata is for flute and piano. Passe-Partout is a "key that secures entrance everywhere." Those occasional thumps you hear (beg. at measure 132/7:43) are the pianist's left foot banging sideways against the left-most sustain pedal (well, my sequencer/MIDI approximation of such). SECTIONS: I: Pieces (meas. 1/0:00); II: Parts (meas. 39/2:48); III: Keystones (meas. 77/4:55); IV: Dances (meas.132/7:43); V: The Whole (meas. 148/8:36).

Interland (excerpt) 2006
This score begun 22 May 2006. Titled, finally, 23 May: the title, which sounds like "hinterland", is a play on words. "Inter" means between, among, in the midst of, within, as well as mutually and reciprocally. This piece explores the world between tonality and atonality, separately and simultaneously. Completed 31 May 2006. See full description under my List of Works.

Sea Changes (excerpt) 2006
“Sea Changes” started life on 26 October 2006 as a trumpet piece to demonstrate for a fellow composer how one might orchestrate a melody to give it more life. I liked the melody so much, a few days later I decided to go all out and write a full orchestral piece using the melody as the basis. It became a sort of theme and variations. Contrary to normal practice, though, the variations are all put into this piece before the main theme is ever heard in full, and in such a way that it is intended that they give the feeling of developing from a melancholy meditation to the full main theme near the end. “Sea Changes” was completed on 25 November 2006; it was written entirely using Sibelius notation software.

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