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Luciano Berio - Sequenzas

Berio Sequenzas
Colourful instrumental writing is the dominant feature of his Sequenza cycle, a sequence of (to date) fourteen pieces for different solo instruments, the first written in 1958, the most recent in 2000. Spanning virtually the whole of Berio's composing career, the Sequenzas constitute an innovative investigation into the virtuosic and dramatic possibilities of musical performance. Some of the early Sequenzas, such as those for flute (1958) and piano (1966), are classic examples of the abstract avant-garde language of mid-twentieth century music; others show a love of the theatrical which is more obviously Berio-esque, such as the instrumental buffoonery of Sequenza V for trombone (1965) or the vocal acrobatics of Sequenza III.

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Sequenzas : Ensemble InterContemporain

The members of the Ensemble InterContemporain take it in turns to display the unrivalled virtuosity which has made them one of the world's finest modern music groups; other performances are supplied by soprano Luisa Castellani, trumpet player Gabriele Cassone, guitarist Eliot Fisk and accordionist Teodoro Anzellotti, who supplies a memorable rendition of the quirky Sequenza XIII("Chanson").
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