Roger Rohrbach - Biography  

Roger Rohrbach's earliest musical memory is of hearing The Beatles' "Day Tripper" on a transistor radio while skeet shooting. Like his idol Brian Eno, he learned about rock 'n' roll by listening to Radio Luxembourg and the Armed Forces Network. Progressive rock introduced him to both classical music and the Moog synthesizer; he soon discovered electronic and experimental music, which led to an exploration of the major movements, composers and works of the twentieth century. He learned how to play the keyboard on a cheap chord organ, only graduating to the piano after leaving high school. He studied briefly with Monique Le Duc at Temple University in Philadelphia, and later took lessons for several years with jazz pianist Adam Domash in San Francisco. Most recently and rewardingly, he studied works by Debussy, Ravel, Messiaen and Takemitsu with Eliane Lust. He created his first concrète and electronic pieces on tape as a teenager, was the keyboardist and a songwriter in the San Francisco band The Wayward Bus, has produced two dance scores and released a compilation of recordings he produced for other artists entitled <i>Songs from the Fainting Room</i>. He runs Pinna Records, a new New Music label based in San Francisco.<br>