Panos Ghikas - Composer  

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>> 14/05/05 - egg for oboe and two CD players.
Performed by Chris Redgate at The Warehouse, Waterloo,
Theed Street, South Bank, London.
egg combines traditional notation with 'audio scores': very small
pieces of recorded and manipulated sound that constitute material to
be learned by attempting to imitate them as closely as possible. The
'audio scores' are played back through the performer's headphones from
two CD players set on 'Random Mode', providing the aleatoric function
which partly determines the structure of the piece.

>> 10/05/05 - Orestes: music and sound design for a play written and
directed by Dan Horrigan, premiered at The Space Theatre, The Docklands, London.

>> 06/05/05 - Hellines Tou Kosmou - Greeks of The World:
Music for a documentary directed by Emanuella Fragiadaki and funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture.