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EUBB Arranging/Composition Competition: Information for participants

 EUBB Arranging/Composition Competition: Information for participants
Summary:Brass Band Competition
Deadline: 15 January 2018
Date Posted: 19 October 2017
Details: The deadline for submissions is Monday 15th January 2018 at noon.
Two bound paper copies of the score (separate parts will only be necessary for the second round - donít include them until we ask for them!) should be dropped off before this deadline, at the front desk of the EUSA Activities Office at Potterrow with the sign 'Edinburgh University Brass Band - composition competition'.
Please fill in and attach a copy of the submission form that you can find at the end of this document.

A digital recording will have to be sent via email to, or dropped off with the scores, clearly labelled. If either of these is impossible for some reason, get in touch with us (via email or facebook).
Anonymity of the composer/arranger will be maintained throughout the selection process.

The pieces should be
∑ composed/arranged specifically for brass band
∑ playable by a medium level amateur band (i.e. EUBB)
∑ enjoyable to play and listen to
∑ 3-7 minutes long

Judging criteria
∑ idiomatic writing for brass band
∑ successful application of compositional techniques/devices
∑ successful motif (melodic, harmonic or rhythmic, etc.)
∑ originality
∑ clarity in communication of the piece's ideas

This year's theme is based around the centenary of WWI in 2018, but you are free to compose/arrange anything you like.

The winner of the competition will be given the opportunity for further musical commissions with the band in the future.

Submission form (docx):
or as pdf: