Nickos Harizanos - Sound Samples  

Nickos Harizanos : Liber Scriptus Proferetur op.68

The work was performed by DCMO in Korea. Cho Joo Young - Barytone, Pawel Kos - Nowicki - Director. December 2009

Nickos Harizanos : Iho op.34

The work is performed by XelmYa Trio, Alexa Renger - Violin, Sylvia Hinz - Blockflutes, Marika Gejrot - Cello in Berlin (die kugel ist a = 442 hz in bewegung) in November 2011.

Nickos Harizanos : A Single Moment of Time is Entire Life op.51

Valentyna Akhmedzyanova - Accordion

Nickos Harizanos : Stasima I op.62

Laura Falzon - Flute. The work was performed in New York during a Composers' Voice Recital Series in 2011.

Nickos Harizanos : Three Landscapes op.110

The work was performed by Masae Gimbayashi Barbotte in Paris in 2011. It is dedicated to her.