The Music Academy of Sheffield - Composer  

The Music Academy based in Sheffield but covering South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, and Nottinghamshire is helping young musicians throughout the region to achieve their potential.

Our provision covers a full range of instruments and voices and a wide range of musical styles. Everyone has access to musicianship and aural training, consisting of theory, practical work and listening. Chamber music is an important part of our training too, and most musicians play in two groups ranging form duets up to our String Ensemble.

Students are encouraged to sing, and some might like to compose (with chances to have you pieces played by Academy staff and students), or they can sample World Music with our range of African Drums and Samba sets, or join the jazz or rock groups.

Every week there is an internal concert, and an increasing range of outside concerts to suit all levels.

We have come to this site because we are proud of several compositions created by groups of students through the last few years: Floods, Cutlery Concerto, and Dark Peak.