michael agre - Composer  

I was born 23.11.61 in USSR (at past)
Living in Israel since 18.12.90
Education: 1968-1979 – Special high school of music.
1979-1984 – Academy of Music (M.D. of Composition and Musicology).
Languages: Russian, English, Hebrew, German, Polish.
Contact telephone: 0507 898996
E-mail: m_agre@yahoo.com
1) Composer:
Symphonic music, chamber music, music for movies and animated cartoons [experience since 1986], music for performances [more than 15 performances, among them – "Lover" for Tel-Aviv's Chamber Theater, "Sender Blank and his Family" for Yiddish Theater, "Apollo's Genesis" and "Azazel" for Festival of Alternative Theater, “Pulsa De Nura” for “Teatronetto” Festival 2005 etc.]
2) Pianist & Keyboardist:
Laureate of international jazz festivals ["Tudengy Jazz" 1987 Tallinn, Estonia; "Autumn Rhythms" 1988 S.Petersburg, Russia; Vilnius International Jazz Festival 1990 Vilnius, Lithuania etc.]
3) Sound Producer:
8 years work experience in Recording Studios ["Agam" LTD, "Duet" LTD, "M.A.M.", "E-mix" etc.],
10 years work experience in PA (Public Address) [Sound producing in Tel-Aviv's Chamber Theater, Yiddish Theater, "Gesher" Theater, Theater For Children by Orna Porat, Classic Ballet Group of Israel, Channel 9 of Israel TV etc.]
4) Electronic Music Producer:
Composing and recording electronic tracks since 1988, rich experience in Sound PR on Radio and TV, I am able perfect to use following MIDI-, Audio Recording's & Digital Edition's programs for PC: MIDI+AUDIO – Cubase, Cakewalk Pro Audio, Logic Audio, Digital Orchestrator +;
AUDIO 2 Track – WaveLab, Sound Forge;
MULTITRACK – Pro Tools, Cool Edit Pro, Triple DAT, Sampletude;
MULTIMEDIA – Macromedia Flash .