Martin Capella - Biography  

Work Experience

Film Music

- 2010-2011 Original music and Sound design for the short film The Skin am in by director Pedro Gomez.
- 2010 Original music for the video Deuce by Monica Cook. (Deuce was one of the 25 winners of the 1st Biennale Guggenheim/Youtube for creative video 2010)
- 2010 Original music for the short film Sinestesia by Ana Garcia Abad. (Finalist in the Ibero-American Short Film Festival 2010)
- 2010 Music/Sound for the video Estela de Calamar by Rodrigo Imaz
- 2010 Sound design for the short film Saeng-il by Jennifer Suhr.
- 2010 Original music for the short film Mutant chicken by director John Scar.
- 2009 Orchestrations and arrangements for the film 2033 at the music company Compadre. Compadre is a collective of Mexican composers working in the field of Film and TV music.
- 2008-2009 Co-composition of the music for the film Tides of Sand with the composer Pablo Chemor.
- 2008 Musical score supervision for Leonardo Heiblum and Jacobo Liberman in the Film Tear this heart out.
-2006 Original music for the short film Predicciones. The film was screened with live music at the Blas Galindo Auditorium in Mexico City.

Sound engineering

- 2005-2007 Sound engineer for the lectures and concerts at the International Festival of New Music and Technology Visiones Sonoras.
Guests at the festival:
* 2007 Dr. Robert Rowe, Francis Dhomont, Trevor Wishart, Miller Puckette, Cort Lippe, Esther Lamnek, Alejandro Escuer, Alexander Bruck, and Gareth Davids among others.
* 2006 Hans Tutschku, Javier Álvarez, Thomas Gardner, Pauline Oliveiros, and Lukas Ligeti, and among others.
* 2005 Joao Pedro de Oliveira, Joe Waters, and Paul Rudy, among others.


- 2006-2009 Orchestration and Instrumentation professor at CIEM (Center of Musical Investigation and Studies) in Mexico City.
- 2009 Music History professor.
- 2005-2006 Orchestration Teacher Assistant of Composer Enrico Chapela.

Composition, orchestration, arranges, performances, music production, and managing.

- 2008-2009 Studio saxophonist for Emiliano Motta (MOG) and Jeronimo Gorraez.
- 2008 Performer (saxophone, bass, tin whistle, and percussions), composer, arranger, and manager of the band Seteto Chichimbre.
- 2005 Composer and producer of the song youring and collaboration in the composition and production of the piece Congorila, released in the album Surreal by Indol Records.
- 2004 Orchestrate for composer Enrico Chapela.
- 2003 Capella started to write concert music, in April 2003, his first chamber work Cactos y Suculentas was premiered in Mexico City.
- 2001 Performer (saxophone and flute), composer and arranger with the band Cuarteto Rompe Catres.
- 2000 Performer (saxophone, guitar, and percussions), composer, arranger and manager of the band Elefante Verde.
- 1998 Performer in the band Desiertos Mares.
- 1996 Performer in the band Es lo de menos.


- 2010 The video Deuce (original music by Capella) was selected as one of the 25 winners (from 23,000 submissions) of the 1st Biennale Guggenheim/Youtube for Creative Video. The selected videos were screened simultaneously at the Guggenheim museums of New York, Bilbao, Venice and Berlin.
- 2010 The short film Sinestesia (original music by Capella) was finalist at the Ibero-American Short Film Festival, Spain.
- 2009 Fulbright, FONCA and Steinhardt School of Education scholarships to study a Masters degree at NYU.
- 2008 The pieces Preludio, ludio y postludio and El lamento del sátiro were selected to be premiered at the International Festival Instrumenta Oaxaca. Oaxaca City, Mexico.
- 2007 Capella's first orchestral piece Ixbalanque won the 1st Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas Young Composers Competition. The piece was premiered at the Rose Hall at Jazz at Lincoln Center New York City.
- 2007 The string quintet 5 invertebrados para Lina was selected to be performed at the Foro Internacional de Musica Nueva Manuel Enriquez Mexico City.

Academic Background

- 2009-2011 Capella is completing his Masters in Musical Composition at NYU Steinhardt School of Education, Culture and Human Development.
- 2002-2007 Undergraduate studies at CIEM, earning the title of Licentiate in composition by Trinity College of London throughout the LTCL examination.
- 1986-2000 From Elementary through High school at Colegio Madrid, Mexico City.