Martin Grayson - Biography  

I have been a composer since I was a teenager but for most of my professional life I was an academic chemist. I am retired from chemistry now devoting myself to composing, teaching, playing and directing early music as well as my own music. I won the 2007 Viola da Gamba Society of Great Britain composition contest for writing a modern In Nomine, and have written many modern pieces employing early instruments such as lute, viol and recorder. You will find music of very different types here, some of it in the atonal academic style of the 1960s, much tonal music influenced by a variety of early 20th century music styles and pieces which are approaching the style I am currently developing.

Because I am currently writing chamber music it is who is playing it for fun, not performances, which counts. (Some people still do play music for fun.) My pieces are being played all over the world though much more so my editions of dead composer's music, that is the way it is.

The progressive disease I suffer from, (PMP), is now taking me over and I will not live long and so there is so much work I am going to leave unfinished.

Between about 1990 and 2011 I was one of the founder members of Alfredston Music, along with George and Rosemary Bate, which published Viol, Vocal and Recorder music. This publishing has now ceased but some of the material is being released on sites such as the Petrucci Music Library under creative commons licenses.