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 9 Nov   Greetings, fellow composers!
I just found this site, seems like a great pl...
 Miguel del Aguila 
 2 Nov   Poppe " at Cantebury"
Please listen to the Canterbury Ensemble Mode...
 17 Oct   Sound bank doesn`t work
Hi, Ive been trying to use your sound bank f...
 9 Oct   DLSI
Duo for the Liberation of Sound and Image (D...
 9 Oct   DLSI
Duo for the Liberation of Sound and Image (D...
 8 Oct   Instrumental technique
I was involved in a discussion about instrume...
 2 Oct   Playing versus being a passive listener
Scott Good has pointed out again in his comme...
 29 Sep   NeoClassicism
Just in case anyone thought I was confusing f...
 18 Sep   Quarter Tones
does anyone here know if british ensembles li...
 27 Jul   Chopin for iPhone and iPod touch
International Classical Music Database is a n...
 25 Jul   Ligeti at the Proms
For UK people there is a prom broadcast on th...
 20 Jul   spectral music
You are all invited to take a look at the fir...
 15 Jul   John Mayer Concerts
The latest news about rocking star John Mayer...
 2 Jul   Articulation of notes
As you may know one of my concerns is ornamen...
 2 Jul   The Recognition of the Composer Today (Part VII of X)
The Recognition of the Composer Today - S...
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