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 9 Jul   Not only modern music is in 5/4 time
I have long known about the funny times in th...
 13 Jun   Hi
Hello! I'm new to the forum...hoping to m...
 7 Jun   Late notification is no use
I am the only person who is getting annoyed b...
 26 May   Meet the composers - Sound Byte
Sound Byte publishes a series of video interv...
 20 May   Dunkelstrom calling... Adam Qadamon
[B] Adam Qadamon - Put it in the box [/B] ...
 16 May   John Cage: Genius or did he just collect the wrong type of mushrooms
One cannot speak of 20th century music and di...
 James McFadyen 
 11 May   Augmented chords
I was editing some William Lawes recently and...
 27 Apr - Desa Systems - Origin of Us
[B] Desa Systems - Origin of Us [/B] Des... 
 10 Apr   Tom Service`s Article
There are so many interesting things to say a...
 10 Apr   Academic language
This is a real quote from a real paper, (I wi...
 8 Apr   Hi everyone!
Hello everyone. I just joined, so I thought ...
 1 Apr   The music of Paul Keenan
I am wondering how many people have heard the...
 29 Mar   Starting a career as film composer
Hi everybody: Is there anyone who can advis...
 8 Mar   Multiphonics
I was thinking about the New Complexity and t...
 4 Mar   New Zealand Harp Music Recording -- Proceeds to Earthquake Charity
All of us in New Zealand have been shocked an...
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