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 6 Sep   Conveying specific meaning in music
This question is inspired by a website my fri...
 25 Aug   Searchable Competitions?
Hi, This posting is perhaps more for you pe...
 23 Aug   Rites of Loops - Rituals_been off
[B] Rites of Loops - Rituals_been off [/B] R...
 23 Aug   Musicology
Antonio de Cabezon (1510-1566) You will see ...
 20 Aug   Milton Babbitt
I see there has been no obituary for Milton B...
 4 Aug   American Express® Symphony At The Park, Abbey Road 80th Anniversary
American Express® Symphony At The Park 20 and...
 1 Aug   Computational Thinking in Music
In the latest Communications of the ACM
 1 Aug   Celemony
There is an interview with the author of the ...
 14 Jul   Woodwind Fingering Fonts
Just wanted to let you all know that I've...
 11 Jul   No substitute for col legno
I was listening to a piece with col legno<...
 9 Jul   Not only modern music is in 5/4 time
I have long known about the funny times in th...
 13 Jun   Hi
Hello! I'm new to the forum...hoping to m...
 7 Jun   Late notification is no use
I am the only person who is getting annoyed b...
 26 May   Meet the composers - Sound Byte
Sound Byte publishes a series of video interv...
 20 May   Dunkelstrom calling... Adam Qadamon
[B] Adam Qadamon - Put it in the box [/B] ...
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