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 15 Feb   Getting more performances
Hello, I haven't posted for ages. I wan...
 Team Gaughan 
 13 Feb   GCSE music - is it too easy?
Have spent the day with A level examiners (ex...
 12 Feb   ERM media - experiences
Hello composer colleagues, I have one questi...
 7 Feb   RSS capability
I would like to suggest the RSS option for th...
 3 Feb   Call for Works
Instrumentation Solo Flute (including Piccolo...
 30 Jan   Orchestral works
I have been planning to write a big orchestra...
 Team Gaughan 
 30 Jan   Looking for organ works
Hello, I am a Bulgarian composer living in Mo...
 24 Jan   Aesthetics, Style, Innovation, and the Future of Music
As a student, I realize that there is a lot o...
 20 Jan   Won Composition Contest but didn`t receive prize
Hello fellow composers, It is not pleasant f...
 20 Jan   The Recognition of the Composer Today - After Word
The Recognition of the Composer Today; Aft...
 20 Jan   Using the tri-tone to change or prove the concert pitch.
Using middle C as the origin pitch, the chor...
 20 Jan   sound bank
I am a new member, and particularly intereste...
 13 Jan   Mehdi Hosseini
The world premiere of composer  Yelchin 
 13 Jan   Mehdi Hosseini
The world premiere of composer  Yelchin 
 12 Jan   Has anyone heard about the John Cage Year Lublin 2012?  kiloo 
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