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 13 Jan   Mehdi Hosseini
The world premiere of composer  Yelchin 
 12 Jan   Has anyone heard about the John Cage Year Lublin 2012?
www.johncageyear.pl  kiloo 
 27 Dec   Is there a universal notation system for tabla and if so how does it work?
I am a composer based in London and I want to...
 27 Dec   trombone concerto
I have been listening to & studying a lot of ...
 Team Gaughan 
 26 Dec   Tunes based on one note
Why bother with modes and scales when you can...
 26 Dec   Meeting other London composers
Hi there everybody, I'm new to london...
 25 Dec   Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2011
The Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival ...
 15 Dec   The Recognition of the Composer Today - (Part VI of X)
The Recognition of the Composer Today - St...
 15 Dec   Looking for promoting free piano musics
Hi all! I've been looking for places to ...
 28 Nov   Libraries
Misuc's comments about books raise a few ...
 16 Nov   Earplay 2011
Does anyone know what has happened to the Ear...
 15 Nov   Sound Bank (Trumpet) does not work
Hi, Ive been trying to use sound bank, It sa...
 5 Nov   Studying film scoring and composing for media.
Hello! Do you know schools in Europe, where i...
 3 Nov   Do not use the computer too much........
I have been going through manuscripts from th...
 14 Oct   Dark Orchestral Score in Art Noir "DARK ARC"
Dan Zukovic's "DARK ARC", a bizarre moder...
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