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 4 Jul   Reviews of Push!  
To get our new reviews section under way, the...
 David Bruce 
 30 Jun   Which school?
Hello! I am looking for a school in the USA t...
 19 Jun   Learn composition
Hello. I,m studyng composition in manner auto...
 17 Jun   New composer on forum
Hi everyone! I'm 18 years old, and I woul...
 12 Jun   Degree Unsatisfaction
I just recently received a Bachelor's deg...
 11 Jun   Self Promotion
I was just reading an article on the internet...
 8 Jun   Does `atonal` music still exist?
I'm new to composing and have been intere...
 25 May   London Sinfonietta can`t cover costs of commissioning new work.
Just reading the news piece on this site:
 John Robertson 
 22 May   Authorship?
I was just reading the news item on the site ...
 6 May   Music Standards
I was recently asked what type of music I'...
 1 May   Alohas from Kauai, Hawaii!
Hello, fellow members. I'm very pleased t...
 29 Apr   Introduction
Hi there, My name is Siddhartha Barnhoorn. I...
 Sid Barnhoorn 
 22 Apr   New Forums Opening-Contains resources for composing, harmony and orchestration
Hi just wanting to invite you all to my new ...
 5 Apr   Weird and wonderful percussion
Can anyone offer me any advice on some decisi...
 30 Mar   Random Listen
We've added a 'random listen' fea...
 David Bruce 
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