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 21 Dec   Ligeti
Terrible news about Ligeti. He's one of t...
 John Robertson 
 10 Dec   Dear musicians
Dear musicians, want say hello, I am a compo...
 Maestro Schroeter 
 6 Dec   Composition project from notion.
For all you that are interest in composing an...
 6 Dec   Call For Contributors
FACT in Liverpool UK ...
 Ross Dalziel 
 6 Dec   Music and War
I thought others might be interested to read ...
 6 Dec   General discussion - composing for specific musician
Hello, I am new to this forum and would like ...
 6 Dec   New to Forums and would like feedback on a piece
Hi Everyone, My name is Steve and i am new t...
 6 Dec   Which instrument should we use for our next CT composers workshop?
Following the success of our workshops for
 David Bruce 
 6 Dec   Define Composer?
I was reading an interesting article on the i...
 24 Nov   Which composers interest you at the moment?
I thought I'd start up a new thread and s...
 John Robertson 
 17 Nov   New BCMG Interview
We're added an exciting new interview wit...
 David Bruce 
 5 Nov   Lecture on BBC radio by Brian Eno
Can I recommend to you this lecture which you...
 28 Oct   oboe
I have problems writing for the oboe in chamb...
 Team Gaughan 
 6 Oct   Cell Phone Symphony
Did anyone happen to be at the Chicago Sinfon...
 30 Sep   Looking for Thesis
Hello everyone, I am currently working on a ...
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