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 2 Jul   question from a newbee, where are the romantics ?
Hello everyone I really like much of the mus...
 2 Jul   Music Libraries (not online)
I am wondering if anyone knows of an actual b...
 30 Jun   Soprano Cornet Shenanigans
You can watch some videos of me practicing. I...
 James McFadyen 
 27 Jun   LCMG Concert 05 July
Hi, The LCMG are performing works by Ades, H...
 23 Jun   Housework sounds in a piece of music
A few years ago I heard a wonderful piece on ...
 23 Jun   Manuscript Paper
I am looking for a manuscript manufactor that...
 22 Jun   Premiere of John Tavener`s The Beautiful Names at Westminster Cathedral
Listened to this tonight and wondered what ot...
In Venice is Born the Intrasonus Project The ...
 18 Jun   Trumpet Question
Hi all, just wondering if there are any trump...
 6 Jun   LCMG Call for Works
The London Contemporary Music Group (LCMG) ar...
 31 May   Intro and Anecdote comp by AWMusic
Hello to one and all, I`m new in here today, ...
 31 May   Question
Hi everyone I was wondering if there is a sit...
 Nicolas Tzortzis 
 26 May   String Quartet Offer
Proposal Jack Quarte is playing in Venice thi...
 24 May   To piano players
I do not play the piano, so I do not know all...
 17 May   Workshop in October and May Intrasonus
Whoever coul dbe interest in a workshop on th...
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