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 19 Apr   :)
i like to play my clarinet!!!!!!...
 19 Apr   CD: "Epiphany" by Vince Mendoza  
This CD will appeal to the Joni Mitchell fans...
 James McFadyen 
 19 Apr   CD: Julian Anderson Book of Hours (NMC D121)  
Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (Oliver K...
 13 Apr   Harpsichord
One of the composing competitions on here is ...
 Team Gaughan 
 11 Apr   Magnus Lindberg
Hello everyone I'd like to ask for your ...
 11 Apr   Composing in your head.
I saw the small section near the bottom of th...
 8 Apr   Overture to the Snow Goose
Hello all, My name is Siddhartha Barnhoorn. ...
 Sid Barnhoorn 
 6 Apr   Show case updates
We've added a much requested feature to t...
 David Bruce 
 1 Apr   Call for A Composers Web
I am trying to set up an International Compos...
 23 Mar   Thomas Ades - The Tempest  
Considering the debate regarding Thomas Ades ...
 15 Mar   The old fashioned way
Since I don't want to rain on Sid's p...
 James McFadyen 
 13 Mar   Site Update - including Sell Your Music
We`ve updated the navigation to the site a bi...
 David Bruce 
 13 Mar   Charges for commissions/innovative promotional ideas
Hello, Does anyone have the recommended up-...
 12 Mar   What do you think of myspace as a promotional tool
Hello I've...
 10 Mar   Clarinet Octave skips
I was wondering if Clarinet Octave skips were...
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