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 29 Oct   LCMG Concert 12 November - Boulez Premiere
Hi, The London Contemporary Music Group (LCM...
 21 Oct   recording piano
What do people here use to record piano?...
 16 Oct   Blue Epiphany
Hi, please take a listen to my new work for P...
 James McFadyen 
 27 Sep   “Composition e-learning”
Hello all, I would like to take some compos...
 5 Sep   BCMG at the BBC Proms  
Even in terms of BBC Late Night Proms London&...
 4 Sep   Ghosts of Versailles?
Is anyone familiar with the Ghosts of Versail...
 14 Aug   Clifford Benson
Just a short note to say that pianist Cliffor...
 5 Aug   interesting george benjamin review
I came across this review of George Benjamin&...
To all the interested composer let know that ...
 2 Jul   question from a newbee, where are the romantics ?
Hello everyone I really like much of the mus...
 2 Jul   Music Libraries (not online)
I am wondering if anyone knows of an actual b...
 30 Jun   Soprano Cornet Shenanigans
You can watch some videos of me practicing. I...
 James McFadyen 
 27 Jun   LCMG Concert 05 July
Hi, The LCMG are performing works by Ades, H...
 23 Jun   Housework sounds in a piece of music
A few years ago I heard a wonderful piece on ...
 23 Jun   Manuscript Paper
I am looking for a manuscript manufactor that...
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