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 8 Apr   David Lang wins Pulitzer Prize
David Lang has won this year's Pulitzer P...
 CT News 
 7 Apr   pod cast interview
hello list, i recently "performed" an interv...
 4 Apr   Discriminating Pan-Oriental Terms of 7th Int`l Composition Prize 2008
Hello everyone, Have you ever seen a Chinese...
 30 Mar   Working close with interpreters
Intrasonus Festival in Masterclass is organis...
 29 Mar   Hello Guys
Hi guys, my name is Kevin. I am a composition...
 24 Mar   joy
I'm looking for contemporary (c. 1975 onw...
 Janet Oates 
 22 Mar   Wandering off musically
Hi I just wondered if, when others start out ...
 Gary Green 
 17 Mar   Chamber vs. Orchestral
This is something that I find really amusing....
 6 Mar   Seeking your help
I need your help! At Devilish Publishing, we...
 James McFadyen 
 4 Mar   arrangements
Hi, what's the deal with selling my arran...
 Pete Canter 
 24 Feb   Making sounds LOUD, yet SOFT, using music sampler software
Dear Sir. I've got Reason and Kontakt, b...
 22 Feb   Music publishing
My music is still in manuscript form does any...
 20 Feb   Intrasonus Spot Project
Following the Manifesto here is the second an...
 18 Feb   Sibelius - which version is best
News today that Sibelius has launched Sibeliu...
 David Bruce 
 8 Feb   Contempoary Recorder players in UK
Does anyone know of any recorder players who ...
 David Bruce 
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