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 27 Nov   Does Classic Contemporary music needs some basic (re)thinking?
Recently a forum about sheng has started a d...
 24 Nov   Music and Sight
I've just been reading about a Dr Kravkow...
 15 Nov   Playing parts of editions
We have been talking quite a bit in the foru...
 14 Nov   Paul Hamlyn Foundation Awards
The Paul Hamlyn Foundation has announced the ...
 CT News 
 10 Nov   Gérard Mortier leaves NYC Opera
Gerard Mortier has withdrawn from New York Ci...
 CT News 
 9 Nov   Spectral obstructions in compositional work
Does anyone know of any electronic composers ...
 9 Nov   "real classical music"
Dear friends I stayed away from this forum fo...
 28 Oct   New daring season at NY Phil
At a press conference the new music director ...
 CT News 
 24 Oct   Chief Heckler made bankrupt
Composer Keith Burstein, known mainly as a fo...
 CT News 
 19 Oct   I'm blacklisted, says John Adams
In an interview for BBC Radio 3's Music M...
 CT News 
 17 Oct   $700 Acapella Choral Competition
Deadline: December 1st, 2008. Prize: $700 an...
 15 Oct   Michael Tippett & Ralph Vaughan Williams
Recently I have been listening to both Tippet...
 Team Gaughan 
 30 Sep   Met to stage new Glass Opera about Walt Disney
Gerard Mortier, New York City Opera's gen...
 CT News 
 25 Sep   Leila Josefowicz and Alex Ross win MacArthur Fellowships
Violinist Leila Josefowicz, who recorded both...
 CT News 
 23 Sep   Funding for composers
I am a young composer (26), have a BA in comp...
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