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 29 Nov   composer`s manifesto
I would want to discuss this subject, because...
 18 Oct   Composers` studios
Hi I am looking for a studio in or not far fr...
 15 Oct   Dartington Summer school composition class
Hi, I'm thinking of going to Dartington n...
 John Rowland 
 25 Sep   Looking for fugues and counterpointworks based on famous melodies
I am looking for fugues and counterpointworks...
 13 Jul   Women composers` cooperative/network
Hi Could any women composers in the UK contac...
 8 Jul   Orchestral music
Hi, I am currently working on improving my wr...
 7 May   Music schools/noted composition teachers in Europe
Dear Composers, I'm going to be finishin...
 2 Mar   Can we download Sound Bank ?
Hello world ! All is in the title. Ca...
 6 Nov   Charging for competitions
Hi A computer games designer/developer is co...
 3 Sep   A little etude for people that love counterpoint.
Here is a little pianoetude for people that ...
 22 Jul   Classical melodies in popular or contemporary music.
Whenever I here certain parts of these classi...
 16 Jan   Final reminder - Call for Score - 2013 Hong Kong International Youth and Children`s Choir Festival
Dear composers We are calling for a Festival...
 10 Nov   noise vs experimental art music.
Does anyone listen to underground noise/exper...
 20 Oct   not using piano to compose?
I want to go to school for music composition ...
 30 Sep   Brand new album of India`s creative composer ILAIYARAAJA
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