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 25 Sep   Looking for fugues and counterpointworks based on famous melodies
I am looking for fugues and counterpointworks...
 13 Jul   Women composers` cooperative/network
Hi Could any women composers in the UK contac...
 8 Jul   Orchestral music
Hi, I am currently working on improving my wr...
 7 May   Music schools/noted composition teachers in Europe
Dear Composers, I'm going to be finishin...
 2 Mar   Can we download Sound Bank ?
Hello world ! All is in the title. Ca...
 6 Nov   Charging for competitions
Hi A computer games designer/developer is co...
 3 Sep   A little etude for people that love counterpoint.
Here is a little pianoetude for people that ...
 22 Jul   Classical melodies in popular or contemporary music.
Whenever I here certain parts of these classi...
 16 Jan   Final reminder - Call for Score - 2013 Hong Kong International Youth and Children`s Choir Festival
Dear composers We are calling for a Festival...
 10 Nov   noise vs experimental art music.
Does anyone listen to underground noise/exper...
 20 Oct   not using piano to compose?
I want to go to school for music composition ...
 30 Sep   Brand new album of India`s creative composer ILAIYARAAJA
 29 Sep   Corporate Music
I've just uploaded a new video with one o...
 25 Sep   Mapping Tonal Harmony for iPad
Hi, I am getting ready to launch a new tool f...
 15 Jul   Happy Birthday, Harrison Birtwistle! -- This year 15 July, to be pre...
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