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 24 Aug   Kings Place opens in London
Kings Place—a new creative centre within 5 mi...
 CT News 
 3 Aug   A new project is due ...or not ?
First there was the breaking down the histori...
 30 Jul   Writing for posterity
from an Alex Ross article on ...
 David Bruce 
 22 Jul   Composers and Performers
I have sent a number of my compositions to in...
 14 Jul   KLANG: A Tribute to Karlheinz Stockhausen announced
The South Bank Center, London has announced d...
 CT News 
 12 Jul   Why Ad-Supported Music Won't Work: Blame The Labels
There's a lot of interest in ad-sponsored...
 CT News 
 7 Jul   Avner Dorman on ASCAP
C:T Interviewee Avner Dorman features on a ne...
 CT News 
 4 Jul   Podcast show: innovative music in Toronto
Hey All: As some of you know, I produce a po...
 Ben Mueller-Heaslip 
 4 Jul   Today`s Competitions.
Recently I've participated in the Interna...
 3 Jul   Almeida Summer Festival ticket offer
Almeida Summer Festival Building on the lon...
 3 Jul   Prize for ensemble works 14/06/08
Ensemble? Hardly! But very multicultural! Som...
 2 Jul  
 Jim Tribble 
 2 Jul   Wonderful night of inspiring music  
WHICH hits the highest? - Aida in Rome’s Cara...
 2 Jul   Palatinate Voices earn standing ovation for world premier  
THE SERIES of concerts to celebrate the bicen...
 29 Jun   Boosey's Emerging Composer Program
Oscar Bettison, Anna Clyne, and Du Yun are th...
 CT News 
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