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 22 Apr   Board Eats Endowment, Gloom Deepens at City Opera: Commentary
Bloomberg News has an astute commentary by Zi...
 CT News 
 22 Apr   Dutch Group Acquires Rodgers and Hammerstein Catalog
The estates of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hamm...
 CT News 
 22 Apr   MacMillan: 3 Interludes from the Sacrifice  
Some misinformation here. The concert was in ...
 22 Apr   Listen - The New Classical Music Magazine
Listen: Life with classical music is the firs...
 CT News 
 21 Apr   Steve Reich Wins 2009 Pulitzer Prize
Considered long overdue by many, one of Ameri...
 CT News 
 21 Apr   problem with sound bank
there appears VBScript error with double bass...
 15 Apr   Composer sues Brooklyn Philharmonic for ruining his career
Composer Nathan Currier is suing the Brooklyn...
 CT News 
 14 Apr   ASCAP Announces 2009 Young Composer Awards
ASCAP Foundation President Marilyn Bergman ha...
 CT News 
 9 Apr   Annual Orchestra Festival at Carnegie Hall Encourages Inventive Programming
In 2011, a new annual festival of North Ameri...
 CT News 
 8 Apr   Notation Software
I am looking for the best software for notati...
 6 Apr   Colombia's Music Festival
The Cartagena International Music Festival is...
 CT News 
 2 Apr   Suggestions for venues in London (UK)
Hi all, A question - does anyone have any ...
 2 Apr   NYC Opera Announces 2009-10 Season
New York City Opera has announced its upcomin...
 CT News 
 31 Mar   NMC Songbook at Kings Place, London
NMC, the new music recording company founded ...
 CT News 
 30 Mar   The New Classical - Nonclassical
Greg Sandow of the Wall Street Journal has so...
 CT News 
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