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 6 Apr   Colombia's Music Festival
The Cartagena International Music Festival is...
 CT News 
 2 Apr   Suggestions for venues in London (UK)
Hi all, A question - does anyone have any ...
 2 Apr   NYC Opera Announces 2009-10 Season
New York City Opera has announced its upcomin...
 CT News 
 31 Mar   NMC Songbook at Kings Place, London
NMC, the new music recording company founded ...
 CT News 
 30 Mar   The New Classical - Nonclassical
Greg Sandow of the Wall Street Journal has so...
 CT News 
 30 Mar   The Music Pharmacist
Vera Brandes, the director of the research pr...
 CT News 
 29 Mar   Schirmer launches OnDemand online digital scores
Music Publishers Schirmer have taken the radi...
 CT News 
 26 Mar   Unknown Shostakovich Opera Discovered
"Large fragments of a satirical opera, Orango...
 CT News 
 25 Mar   First Annual Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at Georgia Tech
Sixty people applied for $10,000 of cash priz...
 CT News 
 23 Mar   Strange Listening
Anyone else enjoy the peculiarity of listeni...
 Hugh Boyle 
 23 Mar   New CT Blogs section
We've added an exciting new blog section ...
 CT News 
 22 Mar   Pieces for more unsual instruments & titles
The Forums on here are wonderful. I have sta...
 Team Gaughan 
 22 Mar   Boosey`s Interview Questions
A representative of a big music publishing co...
 22 Mar   Where/with whom to do an MA in London?
Hi everybody, I'm thinking of doing ...
 19 Mar   Showcase page MP3s
We're pleased to announce that you can no...
 CT News 
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