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 30 Nov   The Recognition of the Composer Today (Part III of X)
The Recognition of the Composer Today - S...
 30 Nov   York Höller wins 2010 Grawemeyer Award
Composer York Höller has won the 2010 Graweme...
 CT News 
 24 Nov   Site News
As you can see we have been rolling out some ...
 CT News 
 20 Nov   Is quality intrinsic to music, or is it all just opinion?
It's an old argument, sure, but I wanted ...
 16 Nov   New "ALMA MATER - Music from the Vatican" disc released 30th November
Hi all, Just posting because I thought you m...
 13 Nov   Le Grand Macabre
Saw the opening night of Le Grand Macabre at ...
 27 Oct   Incorrect date, please see 19/11/2009  
Date Incorrect, please see 19/11/2009...
 21 Oct   British Composer Shortlists announced
The 2009 British Composer Shortlists have bee...
 CT News 
 21 Oct   Ted Hearne wins the Gaudeamus
US composer Ted Hearne has won the 2009 Gaude...
 CT News 
 15 Oct   Musical memory & revising old pieces.
I haven’t composed for a long time but in 200...
 Team Gaughan 
 14 Oct   Composers` Publishing Opportunity
We thought you'd probably all benefit fro...
 14 Oct   What do you play, would you play?
It has been suggested in the forum "are you a...
 Jim Tribble 
 11 Oct   Sound cards
Hi, Can anyone recommend a good quality soun...
 2 Oct   Amateur Chamber Music
Here is an aside from my experience at this y...
 26 Sep   Acapella Composition Competition $700 prize!
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