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 28 Jul   What is Beautiful Music?
I was wondering on your thoughts on this subj...
 21 Jul   Neo Tonalist Manifestos
I was just about to write a bit slagging off ...
 19 Jul   Piano Concertos
Hi there, I'm looking for some contempora...
 18 Jul   Commission fees
Hi there everyone, I am seeking some advi...
 12 Jul   Minor composers in history
I was reminded of a general problem by the Pu...
 11 Jul   Rufus Wainwright new opera
Hi folks, I was reading about Rufus Wainwrig...
 Team Gaughan 
 1 Jul   forum for composers
'composition today' performs a valuab...
 30 Jun   The Dark World Of BW RECKNAGEL - New Classical Composer Launches Debut Album
London based, German classical composer BW Re...
 29 Jun   Help writing harmony
I've read that there are certain formulas...
 I. E. Leibowitz 
 29 Jun   A series implies common practice harmony?
I am a continuo player. I have rarely put a 1...
 27 Jun   Maxwell Davies to write opera about MPs' expenses
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies has disclosed today ...
 CT News 
 24 Jun   A Railway Junction in Portugal?
To paraphrase Anne Robinson (who she???) w...
 20 Jun   Philip Glass discusses modern music with Nico Muhly
As he prepares for a London appearance this w...
 CT News 
 19 Jun   Boulez wins $500,000 Kyoto prize
Boulez is one of the winners of this year'...
 CT News 
 19 Jun   Nicholas Maw dies
Nicholas Maw, one of Britain's leading co...
 CT News 
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