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 17 Jun   Question about sonata allegro form
Hi, guys. I'm trying to write a proper a...
 b john 
 16 Jun   Thanks for sharing
 15 Jun   Tonal Music Schools?
I enjoy Baroque, Classical and Romantic music...
 6 Jun   composition classes
Hi, I took a music degree a long time ago and...
 4 Jun
The most important academic paper a student w...
 9 May   Studying film scoring and composing for media.
Hello! Do you know schools in Europe, where i...
 6 May   Workshops with performers
While you have a look at I...
 6 May   English Art Songs
Hi, I'm starting to research the current ...
 5 May   Inertia I. / proton bern ensemble
Listen to Mehdi Hosseini's Inertia: https...
 2 May   on line copyriting
Has anybody used or heard of The Songrite cop...
 John Rowland 
 20 Apr   Modal Composition
When using musical modes for composition, whe...
 20 Feb   Studying Composition
Hello composers I've been thinking of do...
 11 Feb   composer blogs
Anyone know of any composers who blog? I just...
 David Bruce 
 28 Jan   Musicology
Antonio de Cabezon (1510-1566) You will see ...
 11 Jan   East Coast Grad Music Schools?
Greetings, I am a senior, starting my...
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