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  Re: George Benjamin - Dance Figures  zebedeeb at 22:10 on 25 August 2006

surely mozart is one of the most sublime composers ever to have lived??!!!

carrying on the classical/pop likes/dislikes theme: i can't think of anything by schumann or beethoven i really love (for what it's worth, i think the entire 19th century was a bit of a disappointment, until prelude l'aprs-midi d'un faune)...

on the flip side, bjrk is quite clearly a musical genius, closely followed by those lovely people that make up the bands sigur rs and portishead... give me homogenic or vespertine over liederkreis any day!

a potentially interesting musical project: i wrote a sonata for flute and piano based on the NON-musical themes as explored in bjrk's album vespertine (also using song titles as movement titles, creating my own dramatic narrative via those names) and hope to write further sonatas along the same lines one day (maybe a cello/piano take on kate bush's the dreaming??!!) - has anyone else had a similar idea? maybe a global chain of classical music inspired by pop should be initiated right here

  AGH!!!!!!!!!  piargno at 02:09 on 26 August 2006

Okay, in high school, I definitely had many doubts about Schumann, but then I went to BU and studied piano with Maria Clodes-Jaguaribe, who is recording all the piano works of Schumann, and she has definitely made me a believer. I guess if you just don't like the 19th century, then that's another issue. BUT if you're looking for Schumann stuff and you haven't listened to the following, please do so: Symphony No. 2, the Fantasie (3 movements for piano), the romances, the piano quartet, the piano quintet, and the variations for 2 pianos, 2 cellos, and horn. There are so many more great pieces by him - my ultimate favorite being the Tocatta.

Anyway - I throw tori quotes in my pieces and hide them all the time, but never really wrote a piece based on pop themes. I wanted to write a pop song where the vocalist was a pop singer being accompanied by a "classical" ensemble. The pop voice is much different, and at times much more interesting than the "classical" voice. Additionally, I started writing a piece for soprano and vocal soundscape inspired by what Bjork did on Medulla. Hopefully this will be completed in the future and performed. But Zeb, would love to hear your Bjork sonata to get a better idea of your ideas.

(I really love Beethoven, too. And Haydn... what a wit on that man!)

This 17 message thread spans 2 pages:  < <   1  [2]