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  MacMillan: 3 Interludes from the Sacrifice  FergusJ at 11:53 on 22 April 2009

Some misinformation here. The concert was in the National Concert Hall, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2, not in the National Gallery, Merrion Square and the performers were the RTE National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by James MacMillan himself, not Concorde, which is a smaller chamber ensemble based in Galway.

The programme started with a dazzling percussion concerto by Jennifer Higdon, followed by my own "Scenes and Interludes from the Earl of Kildare", and then after the interval, the MacMillan, followed by Kancheli's Symphony No. 5.

The MacMillan pieces were superbly dark and brooding, with very sombre and brittle orchestral effects. MacMillan conducted my pieces very well, while the Higdon was full of surface glitter, and a real vehicle for soloist Colin Currie. I don't get Kancheli. I never have, but the performance of the 5th Symphony was all there...