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  CD: "Epiphany" by Vince Mendoza  James McFadyen at 16:31 on 19 April 2007

This CD will appeal to the Joni Mitchell fans right away.

However, despite his many years working with Joni, Vince Mendoza has produced an album that he can call his own and it is a truly remarkable one.

The performance by the LSO is sublime while the soloists each contribute to this timeless album.

The only negative comment I can give is that he doesn't go out with a bang, but that really is just a small niggle and in no way detracts from the super compositional and performing quality.

I tend to find that this is a great CD to bring you down from a heavy Steve Reich listening session. Say you listened to Proverb, You Are Variations and then The Desert Music, this Mendoza CD will bring you down into the calmness and it compliments Reich nicely, the contrast really works.

The album was originally released by Zebra Records but once stocks ran out they didn't top them back up so for a few years it was hard, if impossible, to lay your hands on a brand new copy. It has now been re-released on Sony BMG with new artwork and CD Body print.