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  Lecture on BBC radio by Brian Eno  dunkinwedd at 10:45 on 05 November 2006

Can I recommend to you this lecture which you can hear online for the next few days?

Brian Eno discusses a number of concepts of interest to composers and creative people in general.

He notes that one result of Darwin's work was to reverse the traditional idea that things are created in a top-down way. Evolution suggests that complex things are in fact created out of simpler things. He relates this to composing through the example of early minimalist works like Reich's It's Gonna Rain.

Instead of making things directly, the creator makes a set of rules through which things grow. (NB This does not eliminate the role of the creator: it makes it more subtle only. Creationists please note!)

He adds that the idea of ecology replaced the view that things are hierarchically connected with the idea that they are connected in an intricate 'web of interdependencies'.

This leads him on to Wikipedia and other co-operative creative acts - community operas, open source computer code, etc - which have no single author.

I don't buy all Eno's ideas, but they are stimulating.