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  Looking for Thesis  ricnog at 13:55 on 30 September 2006

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a Bachelor Thesis on the life and works of LuŪs Tinoco, one of Portugalís younger composers whose music I admire very much. As he is a young composer (born in 1969) there is almost nothing written about his music except for some press reviews, a few articles and interviews. At the same time I have the privilege to know him personally and I have already interviewed him twice. In spite of this I would like to add more substance to my thesis and thatís why Iím writing this here. I would like to know if someone could inform me of some thesis/books written on a similar subject, that is, a biographical/historical/analytical study on a young composer, born in the 60ís or 70ís, so I could inspire myself on it. So far Iíve found a great book on Takemitsu by Peter Burt and one on Mark-Anthony Turnage. The aesthetic of the composer is not really relevant since what Iím really looking for is to see the approach and perspective used.

Thank you very much

Ricardo Nogueira