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  Music Encyclopaedia Project  MaestroX at 12:17 on 10 August 2006

Hi, Ive being reading these forums for some time and I see that everyone is very knowledgeable on the subject of music. I own my own classical music orientated forum at where I have set up the Music-Web Encyclopaedia project which aims to create the best online music encyclopaedia for musicians, composers and music lovers. So if youd like to join in head over to Music-Web and get involved!



  Re: Music Encyclopaedia Project  MaestroX at 19:12 on 28 August 2006

Music-Web's Music Encylopedia's is now recruiting a Article Management Team.

This is your chance to get involved in the world's premier online music encylopedia wiki.

The Article Management Team will be the drivers of the Music Encylopedia. They will organise the articles and work together to move the Music Encylopedia foward with the help of Music Encylopedia contributors.

I hope your interested in the project and help the Music Encylopedia project grow!

Please post with any queries and if your interested.


  Re: Music Encyclopaedia Project  MaestroX at 19:26 on 05 September 2006

Is anyone interested in the music encyclopedia?

  Re: Music Encyclopaedia Project  scott_good at 13:49 on 06 September 2006


I think that this will be a great resource.

Good luck,


  Re: Music Encyclopaedia Project  MaestroX at 16:56 on 06 September 2006

Thanks, obviously alot more work is still needed as the encyclopedia is stil in its infancy.

Thanks for yuor comments