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  Ligeti  John Robertson at 06:38 on 13 June 2006

Terrible news about Ligeti. He's one of the few modern composers I am totally unequivocal in my love for. His music is so fresh and original.

  Re: Ligeti  red5 at 14:26 on 13 June 2006

I agree, I heard it on the radio last night and was genuinely shocked. His chamber concerto is one of my favourite pieces, I love the way his music is so serious yet so humorous. Totally recogniseable yet totally unimitable - a true great!

  Re: Ligeti  piargno at 09:29 on 14 June 2006

My favorites have to be the Requiem (so so perfect), the etudes, and Lontano. I'm definitely gonna' learn one of the etudes now.

What a loss. Really the end of an era for many people.

  Re: Ligeti  Viola at 13:00 on 23 August 2006

It was terrible news indeed. Im learning the Etudes, such perfection within disorder. The whole lot of his stuff is so .... amazing

  Re: Ligeti  James McFadyen at 20:19 on 24 November 2006

Requiem is amazing - very scary indeed and containing Ligeti's famous vocal-music techniques!

The series of Nonsence Madrigals are also very original and show his quirky side quite nicely.

  Re: Ligeti  The Piano King at 00:49 on 21 December 2006

do you like mozarts reuiem james

  Re: Ligeti  James McFadyen at 15:37 on 21 December 2006

Yes, I like it.