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  Self Promotion  red5 at 13:41 on 08 June 2006

I was just reading an article on the internet about a hip-hop band in the US who are using mobile phone video messages to promote themselves under the idea that a record label won't sign them until they have a large fan base. This could be said of publishing deals, publishers often won't touch a composer until they can be guaranteed their capital return through regular performances/sales. Mobile phone video promotion may not work for a 'classical' composer but there must be things we can do. Has anyone come across interesting initiatives?

  Re: Self Promotion  piargno at 04:56 on 11 June 2006

I don't mean to sound mean or anything, but if someone had a great idea about selling themselves as a composer to get a rather large fanbase, wouldn't it be not smart to share it over a public forum?

But, if you're talking about ideas of popularizing classical music, my whole thing is this: somehow let people know what's been going on for the past 100 years, because people are clueless! I even recently had someone say to me: "Well, everytime I go to the movie I hear the same classical song over and over again, you know, classical just sounds the same to me..." Firstly, people still say 'song' (even I'M guilty of it sometimes...). Secondly, it's a shame that some of the only music between Wagner and Dallapicolla that has reached the bulk of people is Varissmo. Thirdly, if I had a penny for the amount of people who have "HEARD OF" Philip Glass, but have never heard his music (and really don't want to, even though they say they do), man I'd be rich (even though I avoid his music like the plague).

I'd say start up some music awareness commercials similar to the non-smoking awareness commercials. Some guy in the street shouting - listen to Schoenberg and learn about the 12-tone system! or Did you know that eastern philosophy influenced minimalism??

And then have magazine ads like: Don't be bored. Listen to a classical CD. And then recommend crazy active freaky pieces like Andriessen's Trilogy of the Last Day, or Gruppen by Stockhausen! It would cause crazy ruckus!

  Re: Self Promotion  red5 at 17:52 on 11 June 2006

You don't sound mean at all, I'm well aware that people are too concerned about loosing their money making scheme but I figure it's not all about cold cash. I just wondered if anyone had come across any similar schemes from publishers or orchestras etc..

As you highlight, we are somewhat marginalised and the concert regurgitating of the historical canon doesn't help. Orchestra's say they are loosing audiences but, in my opinion, this is simply because the pre-dominant music heard inconcert halls is from past eras and cultures and the connection is lost on most people. Also, nowadays the emphasis is on the performer's virtosity, not the composer's ability. Anyway, I diverge...

By the way, I quite like early Glass, particluarly music in fifths et al and Einstein on the Beach. His recent stuff isn't so good though.