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  Alohas from Kauai, Hawaii!  KevInKauai at 09:53 on 30 April 2006

Hello, fellow members. I'm very pleased to be joining what looks to be an illustrious group, indeed. Although I'm initially signing up for a limited membership, I have little doubt that I will be upgrading this to "full" status very shortly.

As you may see from my short "bio", I'm returning to a career in music (well, been returning now for 3 years) after a computer software career. As complete (or compleat?) composer, arranger, performer, mixer and masterer, I rather enjoy the total control involved in producing music for film, television and commercials from start to finish.

I was tipped off to the existence of this site by Sid Barhoorn of the Netherlands, who I have the pleasure of interacting with (via the internet) several times per week, where we share works in progress and (gently) offer observations.

My primary music website is where you can find the collections of my work currently available (and samples thereof) as well as a candid Music Preview Page which is generally just the latest, greatest and items in flux and development.

I look forward to interacting with the talented folks in this association!

Kevin Fletcher Tweedy (KevInKauai)

  Re: Alohas from Kauai, Hawaii!  John Robertson at 18:36 on 01 May 2006

Welcome Kevin!
I'll go and check out your site just now.