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  Orchestral music  elias91 at 10:04 on 08 July 2014

Hi, I am currently working on improving my writing skills for orchestral music to be used in movies/games and need all the advises I can get. I started about a month ago making music with FL Studio 11 so I am still learning the program. If you have time I would love if you could take a look at my first song and tell me what you think about the idea, the mixing, areas to improve etc. Since I want to improve, all criticism is very welcomed!

Sincerely Elias Nilsson


  Re: Orchestral music  Chrisatorain at 09:12 on 10 August 2016

Try to listen to lots of music—especially those kinds you would like to be able to write. If you want to expand your compositional tools and the types of music you write, listen to music you don't think you could write, and even some music you don't like. As you begin to learn the basics, notice how the composers of these works use the basic building blocks of music to achieve their music. You can use this best essay writing service for any kind of academic writing work.

  Re: Orchestral music  kenter at 06:32 on 25 August 2016

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