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  composition classes  dcbW5 at 11:42 on 10 April 2013

I took a music degree a long time ago and the rolled in to primary teaching.

I am looking for summer composition courses so that i can stretch myself a bit and begin to take composition a bit more seriously.

Does anyone know of such things in the UK?


  Re: composition classes  mike at 20:25 on 22 April 2013

I recently came across this summer course, which I think may be of interest to you. Its connected to COMA, run by Michael Finnissy, with the opportunity to compose for the Fidelio Trio. It is open to all abilities.

I hope this will be of interest.

  Re: composition classes  dcbW5 at 11:30 on 04 May 2013

Thanks. Very helpful.

  New composition class in Maastricht  Baltakas at 10:31 on 19 June 2015

I will start a new class at the Maastricht Academy of Music in september (
The school is internationally renowned: currently 442 students of around forty-eight different nationalities study in Maastricht and english is the common language. The Academy of Music offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
Please spread the word among potential students!

Despite expiration of the deadline for general registration, the registration for composition students is still possible. The entrance examination will take place during the last week of august. Register for a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme via Studielink:
More info:

  Re: composition classes  gennythoma at 11:29 on 23 May 2016

Hello Mike,

The summer course you have mentioned here is very useful for me. Even I have enrolled for this course as a musician. It would be a great opportunity for me as well.

Thanks & Regards
Genny Thomas

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  Re: composition classes  meet123 at 07:10 on 25 May 2016

<a href="">google </a>


  Re: composition classes  tamarasherwood at 11:09 on 06 June 2016

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