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  Libraries  MartinY at 08:36 on 28 November 2011

Misuc's comments about books raise a few issues. I have found actually text books about music pretty useless even when they have music examples in them. They are no substitute for listenng to the stuff, seeing the score, or even better, playing it. Words are just not the right substance for what we are dealing with.

Incidentally middle class dinner party conversation about music often seems to be not about music at all but just comparing different performances of the established works which people have in their CD collection or heard on the radio..... We have also had a 4 hour program on the Symphony broadcast which seemed not to once mention sonata form. I am told teaching sonata form is infra dig. now and it must not be mentioned even though it approximately describes a lot of classical and even romantic symphony movements.

Will the libraries still be there in the UK. Well one thing I have found is that the inter-library loan system is not now working very well. I have tried and failed to get hold of a volume of Musica Antiqua Bohemica and the Ringman edition of the Glogauer Liederbuch. They also wanted to charge me 10 pounds for the research they had done in failing to locate these books.

Incidentally if you have never come across the Glogauer Liederbuch the one piece you ought to look at is the Cat's Paw. My cat has a lot of power in the paw but she still can't play or sing the Cat's Paw.