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  Searchable Competitions?  vyvyanhs at 08:16 on 23 August 2011


This posting is perhaps more for you people running the compositiontoday website, but maybe others have a view.

Wouldn't it be good if past and present competition listings were searchable by deadline date, age limit, cost of entry, country etc? Obviously CT cannot guarantee that the conditions won't change from year to year, but many competitions are annual and it would be really useful to have an idea of what might be coming up over the year as well as to exclude those for which one is ineligible.

Putting my database programmers hat on, you probably have all this information in your database already, though how easy it is to extract I couldn't say.

Or does this facility already exist but I haven't found it yet?


  Re: Searchable Competitions?  Misuc at 22:35 on 25 August 2011

good idea.

Is our webmaster interested in doing anything on our behalf?

He seems happy to accept all sorts of parasites trying to reduce our site to hidde ads for non-musical 'services' and to promote a few favourites who might help his own career along a bit