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  Celemony  MartinY at 16:30 on 01 August 2011

There is an interview with the author of the Celemony program Peter Neubäcker here This might be of interest to some readers of this forum.

I gather Celemony is one of the programs which can be used to change the pitch of sung notes... There has been some production of microtonal music files by getting the singers to sing from scores in the approximately equal temperament many are accostomed to using and then editing the result to precisely the microtonal pitches required. I think this is not as bad as it sounds, as I have had some experience of people trying to produce microtonal music and quite happily producing pitches which the meters said were no where near what they were supposed to be. This is okay on the grounds that real musicians do not use electronic aids??????

I think if you are going to issue MP3 files of music with a division of the octave into 30 through 48 notes most of us are so unfamiliar with these sounds that we hope that what is on the recording is right!