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  No substitute for col legno  MartinY at 09:29 on 11 July 2011

I was listening to a piece with col legno in it and realised there is no percussion instrument sound which can be used as an equivalent. I have always been suspicious of col legno and though composers will assure instrumentalists it will do no damage to the instrument they have not payed 5000 pounds for a bow!

I think Tobias Hume invented col legno in a modern sense in Hark, Hark though of course it must be much older as the 1st bows did not have hair! I do not know how much Tobias payed for his bow but we do know he ended up in penury petitioning the court for money for food and shelter.

If you have not heard the Tobias Hume pieces they are also first rate music...... especially the ones for 3 viols in book II.