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  Not only modern music is in 5/4 time  MartinY at 16:54 on 07 July 2011

I have long known about the funny times in the music in the Baldwin Manuscript and the Christopher Tye In Nomines which are in 5/4 time but I have recently spotted that Schmelzer's Harmonia is also in 5/4 time, and then found an In Nomine by Nicholas Strogers which is in 5/4.

I knew about the innumerable pieces of Spanish vocal music in 5/4, and assume this is something to do with the structure of the Spanish Language poetry. With amateur players you find your 5 time easily stretches to 6 time and stopping this happening is a big problem, (I think I can safely say it sometimes happens with professionals too.)

Does anyone know any more early music in these times? I am assuming there is lots of folk music and modern music which is consistently in 5 time, as opposed to having many 5, 7/8 and 7/4 bars primarially to break up the sense of metre, which is a technique I sometimes use.....

I wonder if it is worthwhile having a playing day where every piece is in 5 time... That must have been done before.

  Re: Not only modern music is in 5/4 time  MartinY at 08:00 on 09 July 2011

I now remember there is a composer from about 1795 who wrote lots of minuets in 5/4 time and I played them last year and have the music in the house somewhere.

I can't remember his name but the music has a blue cover so there is a start.