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  Late notification is no use  Oceanview at 10:45 on 06 June 2011

I am the only person who is getting annoyed by frequently - too frequently! - finding that competition details posted on this website - for which I pay a subscription - are late and therefore useless? Look at the Enescu - scores by June 1st! Date posted on the website? June 2nd!

  Re: Late notification is no use  David Bruce at 15:42 on 07 June 2011

I'm really sorry about the Enescu post, I think that was a misreading by our jobs editor as it says '1st July' on the CT listing. Generally we post them as soon as we become aware of them, on the assumption that it's more useful than not posting them at all - but I agree we should not be posting things after their deadline!

Many thanks for pointing the problem out.