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  Tom Service`s Article  MartinY at 09:17 on 10 April 2011

There are so many interesting things to say about this article which was the subject of the penultimate blog (as of April 10th). Unfortunately my good intentions to reply as a comment have run out of time due to my decision to be producing performing material for things I thought even more interesting than Tom Service's article. What struck me most about the article and the issues it raised is just how unattractive the contemporary music culture is, with its emphasis on novelty, gimmickry and subject matter nobody in their right mind would give twopence for.

You look at contemporary music websites and think what on earth is going on that people think this stuff is any good and who would want to go to such a concert. This is not to say that experimental sounds and pieces are not very relevant and needed but why do people not just put them on UTube, and put up articles explaining what it is about, so we can all make our mind up about it instead of continually moaning about why we can't get good audiences to go to concerts and worship at the shrine of whoever is the flavour of the year. (This is from someone who never goes to concerts he is not playing in and is sitting at home wondering whether some composer will produce the 21st century equivalent of the 6 Bach 'cello suites (maybe based on whatever our culture has replaced baroque dances with) and that these pieces will be playable at about the exam grade 6 level! I think I am going to have a long wait....)

The nature of the contemporary music scene is very middle class (in the way I am using the term with perjorative associations. And also who cares about the funding cuts if you did not have any funding to start with! I care much more about the cuts to the libraries, they really did need preserving!

And the reason I care about early music more than contemporary music is that the culture is so much more alive. There are summer schools where you can enjoy yourself, wheras my experience is that contempory music and also 19th century music summer schools are badly organised and pretentious by comparison.

I will write something more specific and less generally moaning soon.

What is the difference between contemporary music and natural yoghurt? The natural yoghurt has a living culture.

  Re: Tom Service`s Article  MartinY at 16:13 on 10 April 2011

Of course it occured to me people will ask if you do not like the courses and summer schools others are doing, why do you not run one yourself to show how it should be done. That is a very good question, and a few years ago I would have tried to. I am still involved with residential early music functions, but I now have the bizarre disease PMP and may have to go to hospital without warning, so I can't legitimately take on responsibility for other people's time and money......

I might dredge up some of my old paperwork and put together an article telling it like it is and how it ought to be, and it would be good if the many people who disagree with me put up articles of similar length then at least we would know where to put the tanks on the lawn about these issues........