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  Do not use the computer too much........  MartinY at 17:02 on 19 March 2011

I have been going through manuscripts from the 1970s and 80s, (it does not seem so long ago to me), and I just realised why so many errors get into the final paper copies.... When you work with paper by the time you have come to do the final copy you have played the piece so much from the rough copy that you know it and therefore can't really proofread something that you have memorised so well as a new eye can.

When you come to using the computer you have the opposite problem of the possibility of a hundred drafts of a document! This is one reason computerised productivity is less than it might be. Wheras in the old days a document had 2 drafts and a final version you can now fiddle about with a hundred versions until you apparantly get it perfect.

In my working life at university I really did come across people who did this. They barely finished anything because they became obsessed with getting it perfect because the computer allowed you to do that. And in the academic world this was a waste of time because so many academics are so egoistic that they write stuff and hardly read anybody else's output anyway..... Grrrrr...

But, to be useful, I have resolved to try and use the computer, pen and paper and the microphone, (improvising to the mic.), on a much more equal basis. I feel it ought to lead to better compositions.

  Re: Do not use the computer too much........  MartinY at 12:13 on 24 March 2011

I have just been doing some writing with pen and paper and realised that the two writing desks at home both have a computer on them and so I cannot work as neatly as with a good surface. I do need to throw out the old computer, hopefully not losing any data, and all the duff writing implements and get a good desk organised! Throwing out the old computer has been difficult because I was wondering whether any data has been lost and of course old versions of programs sometimes work better than new ones, for some problems.

  Re: Do not use the computer too much........  jjackson at 04:16 on 25 March 2011

Why do not use computer so much it makes my work easy and fast so i think it is good for all the persons.

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  Re: Do not use the computer too much........  annayadesai1 at 12:28 on 13 April 2011

yes i also agree with you jackson.
i am a online business man...


yes i also agree with you jackson.
i am a online business man...

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  Re: Do not use the computer too much........  ytempo at 08:51 on 03 June 2011

Something similar goes for the design process. By only using computers you limit yourself to the options that are available in the software. Usually this delivers a design that lacks the true inspiration and forms which can be seen when a designer makes his first sketches with a pencil.


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  Re: Do not use the computer too much........  cyn_z at 20:49 on 03 November 2011

When writing compositions I think whatever comfort leads to creativity is best. For some this may mean using the computer, for others a pen and paper. Personally, while I prefer to play my pieces on my piano, I've heard others praise the convenience offered by the computer. I know of people who run their compositions through a program and then listen to them through speakers. Does anyone have an opinion on Klipsch speakers? I've just started researching speakers and am seriously considering finding some that will provide solid sound. Moreover, I think hearing my piece from a different perspective will enhance my ability to tweak it for its own betterment in the future.