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  Hi everyone!  davemacdo at 22:31 on 08 February 2011

Hello everyone.

I just joined, so I thought I'd stop in on the forum and introduce myself. I'm a composer living in Michigan in the US. I'm hoping to finish my doctorate in May, and then...who knows?

I write a blog (occasionally) on my personal web site, Recently, some colleagues and I started a podcast about new music, SoundNotion ( If you are the podcasting type, give us a look. We do a video and audio version each week.

Dave MacDonald

  Re: Hi everyone!  annayadesai1 at 17:49 on 08 April 2011

Hi all,
i am new here just joined this forum and want to say hello to all of you..
i am ananya desai from India i am a online business owner.

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