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  What`s top 10 songs of all time?  pfansu at 05:16 on 19 January 2011

this site list top ten songs of all times, definitely you can't agree all, post your comments here!!!

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  Re: What`s top 10 songs of all time?  Misuc at 12:30 on 23 January 2011

This site is not primarily for people who listen to what you call 'songs'. And we are not greatly interested in which one is 'top" - whatever that means.

This is not a commercial site. It is a place where composers and people with a genuine interest in composition can discuss among themselves.

We would appreciate it if our webmaster would support us in this. But even without a webmaster who is bothered about protecting the site and its members from commercial raids etc. we will still go on doing everything we are allowed to do to preserve and enhance it

  Re: What`s top 10 songs of all time?  Hugh Boyle at 18:39 on 23 January 2011

At least they are trying a little bit harder to trick us into visiting their websites now.

That has got to be something to be grateful for

  Re: What`s top 10 songs of all time?  mikexiang at 07:19 on 04 February 2011

good songs i like this site but i am a Indian so i like Hindi songs too.

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  Re: What`s top 10 songs of all time?  Misuc at 10:25 on 04 February 2011

Why should we care what you like? Do you care what we like? It's not about what you like, it's about telling us something that could make a difference.
Meanwhile pleasetry and screw somebody else for money and get the fuck out of here.