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  Composition Professor in Spain or Italy  linguafranca at 00:56 on 02 January 2011

Hello. I am looking for a good composition professor for me, to explore my ability of composing. I've been composing world music and jazz. I won the prizes in international contests twice. And now,I am composing classical compositions in these years.

I'd like to learn in Italy or Spain, This is only because, I'd like to learn in Europe, and I'm very much interested in the culture,people and languages in these two countries, I prefer to live there for a few years.

I am searching informations about composition professors,who teach at Univercities(or Conservatories) in these two countries, I am trying to listen to their compositions to recognize if I feel I like their music or not. But, there are a few informations,mp3 or youtube of them and I haven't found anyone yet.

I also like to know, what sort of living composers are accepted well in these countries. Because I need to imagine more clearly if my musical taste fits in these countries or not.

For classical composers in 20th century, I love Leonard Bernstein, Nino Rota, Manuel de Falla, Igor Stravinsky and so on.

Please give me informations about this matter.