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  JULIAN ANDERSON ...OPINIONS?  ruska02 at 03:28 on 09 December 2010

I need some help from my dear friends on this web site.
Is there anyone, among the decent composers communities, who really appreciate this work?

Once again I think we should speak out and, no matter the claps coming from a crowd of friends and disciples, that this work is a deep nonsense!. Begins with the usual suspects one sound here and one timber there pretending to be spectral , or spectral influenced even worst...than deals with some easy to buy melodies taken form late impressionist recollection of the composer wannabe. The ending is the worst part with absolutely no tension and the usual amount of rhythmic impotent seductions deprived of the minimum sense the could have in Bartok or Stravinsky times. Once more why in the world do the people clap ...please help me I am so ignorant I would like to understand. May be more a farse than a comedy ?

Rob composer and ignorant

  Re: JULIAN ANDERSON ...OPINIONS?  melengi at 13:37 on 20 January 2011

Trying to be spectral- please! This is a composer who has assimilated the musical vocabulary of spectralism into a hugely original and characterful style and, while this isn't among his best works (in my opinion), there is still plenty of musical interest. Buy the book of hours cd.