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  Orchestral Trumpet Sound  MasterOfModernism at 11:44 on 13 September 2010

Hi everyone, I'm new here and I have a question.

I recommend you listen to the sound sample of the Roger Smalley Piano Concerto at

First there's the piano smash, then another piano smash, a fleeting 8-semiquaver run, low brass, then a smash again. There is then a large pause, then a high trumpet cartoony sort of sound. This happens again after another piano smash.

How is that cartoony trumpet sound produced (what instrument combination, etc.)


  Re: Orchestral Trumpet Sound  Fusion at 15:46 on 17 September 2010

Thanks for the suggestion.Ya,I heard it.It's just great.

  Re: Orchestral Trumpet Sound  scott_good at 18:04 on 01 October 2010


trumpet + straight mute - molto staccatto + marcato - reasonable high (around G I'm thinking in first) + winds in the upper partials (perhaps an Eb Clarinet) - tight harmony, diminished focused...but i don't have time to figure that out exactly - he is playing between octatonic mode and whole tone + chromatic - extensions of opening minor chord, which is scored like stravnsky does in Symphony of Psalms.

that's me best guess from 2 listens.


  Re: Orchestral Trumpet Sound  MasterOfModernism at 11:35 on 07 October 2010

Hi there, thanks for the help. I was able to locate the score after a while, which was incredibly lucky, and you were close!

muted trumpets-oboes-flutes all playing the same triad.


  Re: Orchestral Trumpet Sound  markalexis at 07:52 on 09 November 2010

Thanks for the link. This is really epic. nothing like good music!

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  Re: Orchestral Trumpet Sound  Alexander Crow at 00:41 on 10 November 2010

I've heard the track already and I loved the arrangement. I like the way the tone/rhythm change from the piano smash to a sudden change of mood to a pause. This I must say, is one piece of art that would definitely start your mood right for the day. I just wish I had the funds to purchase the entire album. Could anyone lend me the money? Just kidding ;P

Alexander Crow
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  Re: Orchestral Trumpet Sound  pfansu at 05:14 on 19 January 2011

it's cool, but you may also check

that's the really top ten epic!

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